An Open Letter To UK MP’s, Local Authorities & Active Partnerships

Many UK Councils are expressing interest in a fully funded new sports complex. A new premium sports facility for your community, fully funded, long term revenue generation and local jobs provided – you can understand why!
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Mar 10, 2022

To All UK Local Authorities / Active Partnerships and MP’s. A vote winning strategy and viable long term revenue generator for your region. A winner with the public!

RHS MD Padel United UK
RHS – UK Manager Padel United UK
My name is Richard Hall-Smith and I am writing to you on behalf of my company Padel United UK.

We are currently the national leaders in developing Padel Tennis clubs in the UK and we are based in Essex. We currently have 4 venues in Maldon, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Bishops Stortford.

My team and I have spent many years at home and abroad learning the sport and have now developed a vibrant club model that works and brings Padel Tennis to the heart of communities.

You can see our recent appearance on the BBC here.

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Padel is a game for all!

We know local government plays a vital role in all our lives. Delivering vital services. Devising local, innovative approaches to deep-seated problems. Addressing new challenges. Integrating social care and health services. Ensuring policies and decision-making achieve the best outcomes. Anticipating future needs. Making local areas better places to be for all citizens. It’s a huge and expensive task.

You, more than anybody, know that all local government bodies face unprecedented challenges – including spending cuts, economic uncertainty, climate change, welfare reform, youth unemployment, housing need, an aging population – as well as the response to the COVID 19 crisis and all the fallout from the pandemic. All these problems require a whole new way of thinking.

Well, we have an innovative, exciting and VERY cost effective solution for your sport, health, and sport/leisure obligations.

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Padel For The People!

We have now secured the necessary funding to be able to build and manage a growing number of Padel clubs throughout the UK.

We have a number of large premium centres already going through planning and construction phases across the whole of the UK, including projects alongside local councils and authorities. We have many more in the discussion stage, and are looking for more suitable locations to begin this journey. This was a result of our first round of funding ending Dec. 2021.

Many UK Councils are expressing interest in a fully funded new sports complex. A new premium sports facility for your community, fully funded, long term revenue generation and local jobs provided – you can understand why!

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Fully funded builds of premium padel centres.

We are sending this information out to you to find out if this development would be of interest to your region and help you to achieve your objectives – and the objectives of the many organisations that you support.

Here are some further details of how we might work with public and charitable bodies and improve health and wellbeing of many living in the county.

padel funding in uk 1
Padel funding in the UK

Padel United will:

  • Pay for, construct, commission and maintain the courts (2/3/4/5/6+) to LTA standards.
  • Manage all pay and play use of courts.
  • Employ and train local people in management and staff roles.
  • Provide qualified coaches and organise tournaments and events (some international).
  • Offer access to health/ community engagement programmes through the Go Padel Foundation.
  • Discount rates for targeted groups that you support.

If we were able to agree to work in partnership with you and to establish some sites within the region we would be very happy to help you increase participation in sport, contribute to health and wellbeing targets and to pay an appropriate annual rent to our hosts/landlords.

These are only our initial thoughts and we would be very happy to discuss and negotiate with you further if growing Padel tennis in your county could form an important element of your future sports development programme as we emerge from some difficult times for us all.

Please feel free to check out our Padel News blog as it has lots of articles and explains what we are doing to roll out padel across the UK – what is the fastest growing sport in the world. Demand for court time is huge. People are crying out for more facilities. Let’s make your region part of the padel revolution.

Contact me today!

Many thanks,

Richard Smith

UK Area Manager – Padel United UK

A new premium sports facility for your community, fully funded, long term revenue generation and local jobs provided.

We have been operating padel clubs in the UK since 2015 making us the longest serving operator in the UK.

Landowners – Public & Private: We Are Seeking Land For A Fully Funded UK Sport Development Programme. WE ARE LOOKING FOR POTENTIAL PREMISES.

  • Deposits/security guarantees are not an issue. We have strong investors backing up our venture.
  • Seeking: A space of 2500-9500 sqm.
  • A minimum of 8 meters as height requirement.
  • Cities with +200 000 inhabitants is our main target.
  • Our preference is to invest heavily and build 10 court+ indoor venues.

Padel United are a Swedish based company founded by Markus & Rikard Helqvist who have over 30 venues and 250 courts in the Nordics countries. They are one of the biggest padel actors in the world. Padel United have an excellent track record of building, operating and developing venues to the very highest of standards.

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Padel United UK
Padel United mixed doubles event 1
Padel United UK – the heart of UK padel!

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