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Much more than just reduced court fees! Membership of Padel United offers much much more...
Padel United in sports centres UK

Jan 28, 2022

Membership of a Padel United Club offers so much more than just reduced court fees!

You, of course, get a significant 30% saving on booking a padel court but you also get the same discount on padel tournaments  and our very popular ‘mix-in’ sessions.

You can also get savings on coaching from our very friendly and professional coaching team. No matter what level you are currently at, from beginner to elite, we can guarantee you that they’ll improve your game and increase your enjoyment of the sport.

There’s more! You will also get priority on tournament entries as well as the reduced entry cost and priority on our fantastic padel coaching holidays. These are proving very popular and we have a whole bunch of trips arranged throughout the year to some fantastic destinations.

Last but not least you also qualify as a Padel United member to a generous discount on all padel merch from our range of stores opening soon around the UK. We have some great promotions lined up for you when the stores launch.

So many reasons to become a member of Padel United. We have a fantastic group of players at our clubs. Nearly 50% are women and we boast the largest junior programme in the UK as well as many senior players, and all levels of skill are well represented.

We are Padel United! This is padel for all! Join us today at Maldon, Essex or at the new premium facility in Chelmsford.

Padel United in sports centres UK
We are Padel United!


For ALL people joining in January you you get a 25% discount off your choice of a top brand racket AND 2 months free on your annual membership!

Just contact Head Coach Dan Troy here for all info!

Dan Troy Padel United Coaching
Dan Troy Padel United Coaching

Become a member and get…

1. 30% saving on court fees.
2. 30% saving on tournaments.
3. 30% saving on mix ins.
4. Savings on Coaching both individual and group.
5. Priority tournament entries.
6. Discount on Merchandise.
7. Priority on coaching holidays.

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