Funding Application For Sport Development In The UK:
PADEL – Round 2

Application For Funding.

Kindly provide as much information as you can. Please read the information below to familiarise yourself with the amazing projects we can initiate together. 

We welcome applications from all communities in the UK & Ireland.*

We will explore all options whether that’s a 1 court outdoor venue, an upgrade or addition to an existing sports club or centre or a municipal recreation ground. We have franchise arrangements for smaller venues.

However our preference is to invest heavily and build 10 court+ indoor venues.

Applications Open Monday 21st Feb 2021 –  Close 20th May 2022..

What we can do

  • We lease the industrial logistic space and transform it into an amazing padel arena with a lounge area, dinner areas, gym, kids area and, of course, world class padel courts.
  • We build the courts in collaboration with a Spanish based company with more than 40 years of experience within the padel industry.
  • We run the clubs and educate staff, padel coaches and management
  • We raise awareness and create ”buzz” around padel in collaboration with sport profiles and other influencers.
  • We offer training programs, leagues and other types of tournaments.

NB: ACT TODAY. We have already received numerous inquiries about this plan and expect demand to be very high.

We have major funds available and this application will help us in ensuring that we fulfill our mission; which is to make padel available for everybody in the UK and Ireland.

( *Our major focus is currently on these locations but if you have a proposal from an overseas/international location we would be pleased to hear from you – if you have an interesting proposal. )

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What we are ideally looking for...

  • A space of 2500-9500 sqm.
  • A minimum of 8 meters as height requirement.
  • Cities with +200 000 inhabitants is our main target.
  • As close to the city center as possible.
  • Deposits/security guarantees are not an issue. We have strong investors backing up our venture.
padel funding in uk

We are Padel United UK – rolling out padel across the UK and beyond.

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Padel United UK - Funding For Padel Development

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  • We are GDPR compliant. We will never pass on your information to third parties without your express permission, and only after your application is successful and we are dealing with subcontractors etc.
  • This data is purely to aid us inthe distribution of funds and is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • We will only use this data for that express purpose and rest assured you will never be bothered by spam or unsolicited emails. We hate that too.

Thank you for your time.

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