Jake Bewley Joins R3 Sport to Propel Padel Career

Jake Bewley, a top UK padel player and member of the PDL Padel United team, has signed with sports management company R3 Sport to enhance his professional career. This partnership aims to support his growth and achievements in the sport.
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Jun 5, 2024

Top UK Player Partners with R3 Sport for Enhanced Professional Development

Rising Star Jake Bewley Signs with R3 Sport

In an exciting development for the UK padel community, Jake Bewley, a prominent figure in the sport, has signed with the new sports management company R3 Sport. Currently a member of the PDL Padel United team based in Essex, Jake will continue his affiliation with PDL Padel United while leveraging the opportunities presented by R3 Sport to elevate his career.


Fostering Growth and Excellence
R3 Sport is committed to creating opportunities for athletes in young sports.

By leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and network, they provide a platform for athletes to reach their full potential.

This includes organizing high-profile tournaments, securing endorsements, and providing state-of-the-art training facilities.

A Remarkable Journey with PDL Padel United

Jake’s journey in padel began at the age of 14 when he joined PDL Padel United in Maldon. Over the years, he has made remarkable strides in the sport, climbing the national rankings and earning a place in the GB Squad. Today, he is recognized as one of the top 10 players in the UK, a testament to his dedication and skill.

PDL Padel United’s Pride and Support

We at PDL Padel United are incredibly proud of Jake and his achievements. Partnering with R3 Sport marks a significant milestone in his career, providing him with the opportunity to enhance his performance and achieve new heights in the professional padel circuit.

R3 Sport’s Enthusiasm for Jake’s Potential

R3 Sport, known for its commitment to nurturing and promoting top-tier athletes, is thrilled to welcome Jake into its fold. Patty Camps, the Player Manager at R3 Sport, expressed her enthusiasm about the new addition: “As a player-manager at R3 Sport, I am very excited to welcome Jake to the squad. We have been following his development at the PDL sites and can tell he has all the potential to excel in his career as a pro padel player.”

Benefits of the New Partnership

Camps highlighted the advantages of this partnership, noting that Jake’s inclusion in a stable of ten other professional players would be instrumental in his growth. “Being surrounded by the top players in the country will undoubtedly help his game. Good luck Jake, let’s get to work!” she added.

Looking Ahead to a Bright Future

We are excited to partner with R3 to give Jake this opportunity to realize his on-court potential. This collaboration is expected to provide him with the support and resources needed to further hone his skills and compete at higher levels. R3 Sport’s comprehensive management approach will cover various aspects of his career, from training and competition to sponsorship and brand development.

An Inspirational Journey for Padel Enthusiasts

As Jake embarks on this new chapter with R3 Sport, the UK padel community watches with anticipation. His journey serves as an inspiration to young athletes in the sport, demonstrating the possibilities that arise from dedication, talent, and strategic partnerships. The future looks promising for Jake, and we are eager to see him achieve new milestones on the global padel stage.

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