Join Colchester’s First Padel Club: Pre-Opening Membership Deal!

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Colchester's First Padel Club: Join Today for a Special Pre-Opening Membership Deal!
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Jun 20, 2024

Join Colchester’s First Padel Club with an Exclusive Pre-Opening Membership Deal!

With Colchester’s inaugural Padel Club set to open in July 2024, Padel United UK is thrilled to offer an incredible deal on the first year’s membership for everyone who signs up before the opening date!

By joining our pre-opening membership, you can enjoy a 50% discount, reducing the annual membership fee from £100 to just £50!

Additionally, the membership period will be extended to 15 months instead of the usual 12 months. This means your pre-opening membership will be valid until October 2025, offering an extended duration at an unbeatable price!

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the club comes with a host of exciting benefits:

  • Extended Booking View: Enjoy an additional 7-day view on the booking system to secure your courts.
  • Court Fee Discounts: Receive a 20% discount on all court fees.
  • Event and Training Discounts: Get a 20% discount on all entry fees for events and training sessions.
  • Retail Discounts: Enjoy a 20% discount on all club retail items, including balls, grips, and more.
  • Food and Drink Discounts: Benefit from a 20% discount on all food and drinks in the clubhouse.

How to Sign Up

Take advantage of this fantastic offer by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the ‘Playtomic’ App: Available on your smartphone.
  2. Create a Free Account: If you don’t already have one.
  3. Select ‘Book a Court’.
  4. Search for Colchester.
  5. Click on Padel United – Colchester.
  6. Select the ‘Memberships’ Tab: And sign up!

If you’re reading this on a smartphone, the link below will take you directly to the club page to sign up: Sign Up Here

For any questions regarding memberships or details about the Colchester venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Pre-Opening Membership Deal!

Join us at Padel United – Colchester and be part of the exciting world of padel with this incredible offer. Sign up today and secure your place in Colchester’s first padel club!

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Discover the Exciting World of Padel at Colchester’s First Padel Club!
Discover the Exciting World of Padel at Colchester’s First Padel Club!

Discover the exciting world of padel at Colchester’s first Padel Club! Padel United UK brings you this fun and addictive sport, perfect for all skill levels. Enjoy our top-quality courts, friendly community, and expert coaching. Join now with our half-price pre-opening membership deal—15 months for just £50!