Jurgen Klopp Of Liverpool: “Besides football, PADEL is the best game I’ve ever played.”

That's a pretty powerful statement from "the greatest football manager who ever lived" * *(op.cit. Richard Hall Smith - UK Manager Padel United UK).
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Jul 1, 2022

Q: Jurgen, What does padel mean to you? 🎾

Jurgen Klopp says, “Besides football, it’s the best game I’ve ever played.
It’s a great game to play.”

That’s a pretty powerful statement from “the greatest football manager who ever lived” (op.cit. Richard Hall Smith – UK Manager Padel United UK).

A great endorsement for the game. Jurgen sure loves padel! You probably know the Liverpool manager has built a padel court at the Liverpool FC training ground and even launched his own racket with Wilson® Padel. This collaboration of Wilson with Jurgen Klopp “aims to to fuel the expanding growth of padel and build larger communities for the sport”.

This is another thing Jurgen and Rich have in common!*
*(Rich asked me to say this… 🙂 )

RHS MD Padel United UK
Jurgen Klopp
Klopp plays padel
Richard Hall Smith

Here are a few features of the racket – it actually sounds pretty damn good!

Carbon Fibre Face
A strategically woven layer of carbon fibre gives players the ability to hit with impressive power.

Soft EVA Foam
Offers cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating effective blend of comfort and lightweight power.

Texture features arrowhead pattern on paddle surface for excellent feel and extra degree of spin.

Sublime Grip
Encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on the surface.

Wrist Strap
Handle strap wraps and tightens around wrist to prevent losing control of paddle. Attached to the handle it provides extra control and safety measures.

Design features signature of Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool.

liverpool padel
Liverpool manager padel racket!
wilson logo padel
WILSON is just one of the brands available in the PADEL UNITED retail outlet at Maldon Padel Club.
Sam Jones,
UK pro player reviews his top racket soon!
sam jones padel united
Sam Jones UK pro padel player

From Chigwell Essex, Sam is a long time friend and supporter of the club and has played in Maldon many times! He is now training full time in Dubai.

Currently Top 200 in the world but focused on achieving Top 100 by 2023.

Follow his journey here …

Find out what it is and why he loves it.
Watch this space!

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