Maldon’s First Handicap Padel Tournament Gives Every Team A Sporting Chance

PDL Padel United's First Handicap Tournament!
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Jan 18, 2023

Maldon’s exciting new padel event format gives every team a sporting chance. Even if you feel your ability is not as good as some others, and perhaps this has been holding you back from entering and enjoying a fun and social padel experience and experiencing the fun of competition then we have a great option for you! PDL Padel United’s First Handicap Tournament!


February 4th Saturday

Men’s open and Women’s Open 

February 5th Sunday

Mixed Open

Price – Members £15/ Non Members £20 /Juniors £10

How It Works

Handicap system: 

  • Teams will be given a handicap “score” based on their ability that they take into each game. For example, if your handicap is +15, and your opponent’s 0 you start each game 15/0 ahead. 
  • Some Teams will have minus scores to take into each game. For example a handicap or +30 against a team that has a handicap of -15 you will start each game at 30 /- 15
  • All tiebreaks will be best of 8 points and the handicap score will change to that of the difference between the 2 teams. For example, a team that has a handicap of +30 and the other team has a handicap of -15 then the tiebreak will start at 3/0 as this is the difference between the 2 handicaps.


  • Each game will be the best of 3 sets 
  • Each draw is run as a straight knock-out, i.e. if you win then you progress to the next round. If you lose there will be a back draw to play in with this being to 1 full set 
  • Each Team is drawn randomly and placed into the draw. There are no seeded due to the handicap system. Therefore, some teams may get lucky and given a bye into the 2nd round.

To enter please message Dan Troy on 07800753628 to book your place

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