New Events! The Maldon Round Robin Championship & LTA Padel Regional Tour

Our upcoming event list - 2022 off to an exciting start with much more to come...
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Feb 17, 2022

Our 2022 Padel United event series continues with 2 exciting tournament weekends coming up!

Padel United - Padel For All
Padel United – Exciting Events! Join us!

The Maldon Round Robin Championship

26th and 27th February 2022

An open tournament with the winner progressing to the next stage each time until the final group. (Enquire for more info!)

Mixed tournament 10 AM -4 PM

Sunday the 27th !

DEAL! £25 If you enter both tournaments of the weekend.

Contact the team to enter now !

LTA Padel Regional Tour – Padel United UK Maldon

You must be an LTA member to enter this event!

We can’t wait for our first LTA – Tennis For Britain Padel Tour event of the year!

Mens & Womens event. Come and get your ranking points for this Grade 3 event @ Maldon!

Sign up HERE

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