Padel For All! We Want People From All Backgrounds To Come And Try Padel

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Jan 13, 2022


With Padel United UK, everyone is equally welcome; the family with children, the pensioner, the keep fit enthusiast, those who simply want a sociable and friendly game, as well as all you aspiring champions and elite players.

We aim to create a world class padel experience – open to all. Check out our offers for new members below.

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Expanding padel in the UK – Padel United

We focus on getting people from all backgrounds of life to come and try padel. We want to help all people to try out and play the UK’s fastest growing sport – because its simply so much fun, and is so sociable and actively beneficial to your body and health.

Padel is good for you! It’s got something for your mind, body and soul.

Anyone and everyone can play it which makes it so accessible for all!

It helps with mental, social and physical health all combined in one sport and creates a community of passionate people – all because of padel.

Come and see! Check out our Maldon club and you will find the best crowd of players, the friendliest and most professional coaches, and superb all weather facilities (with upgrades being added as we speak!)

Check out the offers below for all new players…

New to padel?

1st session free – 2nd session half price! This can be as an individual or as a group up to 4 people for each session.

Off Peak only.

Become a member!

When you become a member you will then be able to have a free mix in/or group coaching session as an extra incentive!

For all existing members in the month of January sign up a new member get a free game and free group coaching!


For all Juniors sessions we will be carrying on with our very popular offer – when you bring a new person to play padel for the first time you will get your session free! Tell a friend about padel!


Jane, one of our members says,

“Padel has become a big part of our lives since retirement. It is a great racquet sport for people of our age with many benefits supporting both our physical and mental wellbeing. I dont have the best mobility but with the help and patience of my coach I have improved my skills sufficiently to be able to play in tournaments, which are great fun and very social.”

Dan, our head coach and regional manager, has also worked with behaviour and SEN (special educational needs) students, using sport to help them with their physical, mental and social health. We have the largest junior programme in the UK and we pride ourselves on our social inclusion policies.

We aim to deliver one message at all our venues, padel is for everyone! 

We have built up a base of over 1000 padel players by following this ethos.

Padel really is  a sport for all. Young or old and everything in between. Come and see!

Padel United membership
Padel United membership
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