Padel Is a Spectacular Sport – Check It Out

Padel Is For Everyone! But check out these elite level players. Could this be the best rally ever?
padel is spectacular

Apr 21, 2022

Padel Is For Everyone! But check out these elite level players!

For the complete padel beginner the entry level ‘skill threshold’ for potential padel players is significantly lower than in tennis or squash, for example. Which means that beautiful sense of achievement on the court of a ‘good game well played’ will definitely come sooner – but  this doesn’t mean that many hours of gametime, training with good coaches, combined with a ‘little’ basic talent, are necessary in order to progress.

And when you talk about the very best in the world you have to look at the World Padel Tour.

Athleticism, a good eye, lightning-fast reactions: that’s what top level Padel is all about. It’s not surprising that the grandstands at the big tournaments in Spain are usually full.

This Clip has been called the best point in padel history – It’s worth taking a look at the amazing skill levels…

What a rally!

Now check out these 10 best points…

Incredible skill!

Spectacular stuff no? Now check out the men’s best points…

Fantastic play!

Want to take your game to the next level?


Individual or Matchplay lessons are the perfect way to improve your padel game. Our friendly and highly skilled coaching team are able to give you professional coaching that is tailored directly to your technique and skill level.

Anyone can benefit, young or old, from absolute beginner to elite player.


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