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We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Padel Travel Club! With over 5000 players across the UK and more venues and players on the way this year we are thrilled to partner with the premium padel travel organisation to offer our players the flexibility to travel to play Padel abroad!
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May 30, 2024

Discover Luxurious Padel Breaks and Training Camps with The Padel Travel Club

As the sport of Padel continues its rapid ascent in popularity, The Padel Travel Club proudly offers an array of short breaks and training camps set against the backdrop of luxury. Catering to both seasoned players aiming to hone their skills and leisure travelers seeking an active and invigorating getaway, our packages are designed to meet diverse needs.

Immerse in Padel at Stunning Global Locations

The Padel Travel Club invites enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of Padel at some of the most breathtaking locations around the globe. Every detail is meticulously planned to deliver a perfect blend of sports, relaxation, and exploration. This is where a passion for Padel meets the allure of travel, offering a truly unique experience.

Tailored Packages for All Preferences and Group Sizes

The Padel Travel Club presents a diverse array of meticulously crafted packages designed to suit varying preferences and group sizes. For those envisioning an intimate getaway with friends, our offerings include rejuvenating long weekends filled with Padel play, optional local coaching, and flexible itineraries for exploration. Larger groups of ten or more can indulge in comprehensive Padel training camps, complete with fully planned itineraries and the option to engage guest coaches from both local and international arenas.

Seamless Organization for Padel Coaches

For Padel coaches looking to organize training camps, The Padel Travel Club provides a seamless platform to design and execute comprehensive programs that align with specific coaching objectives. Our expertise ensures a professional, bespoke experience for all participants.

Exciting Bi-Annual Amateur Padel Tournaments

In addition to tailored breaks and training camps, The Padel Travel Club hosts bi-annual amateur Padel tournaments. Open to participants of any age, ability, or gender, these tournaments offer an inclusive and competitive environment. By registering your interest, you gain access to events that include everything from competition entrance to flights, hotel accommodations, and airport transfers, all encompassed within a single entrance fee.

Professional and Bespoke Experiences

The Padel Travel Club is dedicated to delivering professional, bespoke experiences that ensure each participant’s journey is both enriching and memorable. Join us on this exciting journey where the love for Padel and the allure of travel converge

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