Padel United Merges With PDL Group & Becomes The Largest Padel Company In The World.

"Together we will be even stronger and we will drive the development of the sport to new levels, both in Sweden and internationally. We want to give more people the opportunity to try this fantastic sport"
pdl padel united merge

Apr 20, 2022

Markus Hellkvist, co-founder of Padel United says

“We are incredibly proud of the merger between PDL and Padel United.

We complement each other very well in Sweden and share a common vision, on the investment into the sport of padel, that will be rolled out internationally. Since the company was founded in 2018, Padel United has worked according to the motto ”Sveriges största padelhjärta” which means “Sweden’s biggest padel heart” with the goal of making the sport available to everybody.

Post-merger, the number of Swedish padel halls rises to 90; from Haparanda in the north to Trelleborg in the south. The total number of halls amounts to 118 and another 30 facilities will open in the near future”.

PDL was founded in 2015 by Jonas Andersson, Henrik Söderberg, Jonas Björkman & Måns Zelmerlöw and has since the start been a major contributor to the impact padel has made in Sweden.

“PDL is a strong brand and we complement each other very well.

PDLs are strong in the regions where Padel United have not had a presence before. Purely in sporting terms, it means great new opportunities, not least around one nationwide league with games with joint playoffs, and exchanges between cities and regions.”

Markus Hellkvist

“With the merger, we see a very exciting future.

Together we will be even stronger and we will drive the development of the sport to new levels, both in Sweden and internationally.

We want to give more people the opportunity to try this fantastic sport”

Jonas Andersson

“Padel United has done a very good job and we look forward to adding to our capacity and to share the expertise between the companies; and thus be able to drive development and establishment of the game of padel even faster”

Henrik Söderberg
padel funding in uk 2
Padel is the fastest growing sport!

About Padel United

Padel United was founded in 2018 by the brothers Markus and Rikard Hellqvist. Since then, Padel United has merged with, among others, Padelverket, Padel Crew, Padel Center, Padel Royale, Actionpadel, Court1, Go Padel UK (UK), Ultimate Padel, Padel House (Finland) and Padel Park (Finland).

There is a clear vision that padel should be made available for all – inclusively, that the quality of the halls should be improved and to develop the sport and game of Padel further.

At present, Padel United operates approximately 50 facilities. Here you can read more about Padel United:

About PDL Group

PDL was founded in 2015 by Måns Zelmerlöw, Jonas Björkman, Jonas Andersson and Henrik Söderberg who were all devotees of the fantastic sport of padel.

With a goal to take the sport to new heights, PDL works daily to offer attractive padel experiences. PDL’s mission is to get people happier and healthier in order to be able to live better – both physically and mentally. PDL sees padel as a fantastic product with great development potential. PDL Group has 75 padel centers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. Here you can read more about PDL: 

Padel United - Padel For All
Padel United – Padel For EVERYBODY!


Padel United and its principal owners were advised by DLA Piper and PwC and PDL Group and its principal owners were advised by Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ), Vinge and Delphi in connection with the transaction.

properties wanted


  • Land space.
  • An existing tennis/padel facility that requires investment.
  • A lease with specific leisure use.
  • Or anything that could house multiple padel court use.

We want to hear from you – contact us today!


London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham & Bristol are our prime targets – but we invite all applications.


3 large scale successful applications from round one are already entering the formal planning stage and we hope to be starting construction in the very near future.

Applications ROUND 2:

Monday 21st February 2022 – Close 20th May 2022.

We will explore all options whether that’s a smaller outdoor venue, an upgrade or addition to an existing sports club or centre or a municipal recreation ground.

However our preference is to invest heavily and build 10 court+ indoor venues.

What we can do

  • We lease the industrial logistic or sports club space and transform it into an amazing padel arena with a lounge area, dinner areas, gym, kids area and, of course, world class padel courts.
  • We build the courts in collaboration with a Spanish based company with more than 40 years of experience within the padel industry.
  • We run the clubs and educate staff, padel coaches and management
  • We raise awareness and create ”buzz” around padel in collaboration with sport profiles and other influencers.
  • We offer training programs, leagues and other types of tournaments.

What we are ideally looking for?

  • A space of 2500-9500 sqm.
  • A minimum of 8 meters as height requirement.
  • Cities with +200 000 inhabitants is our main target esp. LONDON & MANCHESTER
  • As close to the city center as possible.
  • Deposits/security guarantees are not an issue. We have strong investors backing up our venture.

We will open our first major indoor venue at a location already agreed and more details will follow on this soon.

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