Padel United Offer Local Businesses Special Team Building Exercises

We are offering a package to local businesses to enhance teamwork through Padel. Head coach Dan Troy has been running courses for over 20 years.
padel united corporate team building

Mar 7, 2022

Sport and corporate or workplace teams share one thing. It’s all about TEAMWORK!

Teamwork is one of the biggest goals in connecting sports to the workplace. Sports jargon often crosses over into the business world. Employees “come together as a team” and “go for the win” when dealing with a project or meeting sales targets. The MD or CEO is likened to a coach or manager. The playing field can act as a model for conquering the challenges in your work environment.

Removing employees from the workplace environment and into a fresh arena gives them an opportunity to reboot their ingrained attitudes and working practices. It boosts morale and is simply great fun! A common goal such as winning a game gives workers a clear objective and the motivation to set aside differences and work together. Employees who can rely on each other in sports can rely on each other at work.

Team building in the workplace is vital if team leaders or executives want to get the most out of their workforce. Improved communication skills between team members themselves as well as between employees and higher management can be a direct result of a team building exercise – and sport is the perfect vehicle. Team building also improves workplace morale and contributes massively to employee motivation. It builds trust among employees thus ensuring greater productivity in a well-balanced workplace environment.   

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What Is Padel?


Originally invented in Mexico, Padel rapidly spread across Latin America and into Spain. In Southern Europe 2,5 Million people play on thousands of Padel Courts. Now it is played and enjoyed by over 20 million players in 30 countries across 5 continents. Padel United UK are currently rolling out courts across the UK from their base in Essex.

Padel is so popular because it is not as dominated by strength and serve – as often happens in tennis. Therefore it is a game men, women and kids can all enjoy together. Points are won by strategy rather than by sheer strength and power, so match-craft and technique are the important skills. It’s all about the team work!

This means it is very accessible to everybody. Padel is a sport for ALL!

expanding padel in the UK for all people
expanding padel in the UK for all people


“We are offering a package to local businesses to enhance teamwork through Padel.

We have been operating for 3 years in Maldon and we are very successfully introducing the game of Padel to the local community. It is the fastest growing sport in the world and combined with the fact that it is easy for anyone and everyone to play makes the game incredibly accessible.

Like a lot of sports Padel needs communication, teamwork, and cohesion. We at Padel United also have over 20 years experience with team building and workshops in a wide variety of activities.

We have brought this experience into this new venture, creating fun and inspiring programs whilst incorporating one of the most exciting new sports in the UK right here in Maldon.”

– Dan Troy

padel coaching
Dan Troy – Head Coach and head of corporate team building programme

As well as being a qualified instructor in a variety or outdoor sports and adventurous activities Dan has also worked with behaviour and SEN (special educational needs) students, using sport to help them with their physical, mental and social health. Adapting his coaching to all ages and to all variety of cliental.

padel united uk in sports centres
Padel United UK

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