Sam Jones, UK Pro Padel Player Reviews His Favourite Racket

Sam Jones, Team GB Pro Padel Player, reviews his all time favourite padel racket for Padel United UK. Which does he choose?
sam jones pro padel player

Jul 2, 2022

Sam Jones Has Been Involved With Padel In The UK From The Very Beginning

Sam started playing tennis when he was just 3 years old!

He used to go to Spain to train for tennis, and, like a lot of people, first saw padel there. He liked it, tried it, loved it – and ended up always warming up on the padel court – ‘just for fun’.

Sam has been involved with padel in the UK from the very beginning. He was just 14 padel came to the UK and he was still playing tennis at the time but he started playing Padel more often. By 15 he had started to take padel more seriously and was playing it more regularly, and at 15 moved to Spain for the summer to train for padel. By 16 he had swapped tennis for padel completely and moved to Spain to intensively train full time.

sam jones padel united
Sam Jones

And the rest is history…

By the time Sam was just 19 he started traveling around the world playing international tournaments in amazing locations such as, Sydney, Miami, Vegas, Egypt, Dubai, Rome, Paris, & Mexico. He began competing in Spain at a pro level. He has represented Great Britain 9 times and has a world ranking of 190. Sponsored by Head for the 6 years he has competed in many international events, and won numerous titles in England.

Needless to say, he is a good friend of Padel United and has often plays at Maldon Padel Club when in the UK.

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graphene 360 alpha elite
Head graphene 360 alpha elite – pro level equipment!

Sam Jones, Team GB Pro Player, Reviews His Favourite Padel Racket.

My all time favourite racket is the ‘Head Alpha Elite‘.

head logo
Head Equipment is available in our retail outlet at Maldon Padel Club.

“It’s the one I’m using at the moment. I love it because it has the perfect balance between touch and power.

The ‘sweet spot’ is much bigger then a normal racket which means I get to hit the ball almost anywhere on the racket and it feels just like I’m hitting it in the middle!

It’s nice and light as well which means I can flick the wrist easily, or move the racket faster in the reflex shots!

The racket, in my opinion, is just about perfect…

Sam Jones

Some tech specs:

‘Magical touch and control come with modern power in the ALPHA ELITE PADEL RACQUET, which is designed for experienced players. Enhance your touch, precision and power with the ALPHA ELITE PADEL RACQUET, which is the most powerful racquet in a series that boosts control. While the fiberglass hitting surface adds a softer feel and touch, the Graphene 360+ technology t improves flex and feel. Advanced players will appreciate the superior comfort, feel and maneuverability of this teardrop-shaped racquet.

  • Touch, precision and power for experienced players
  • Fiberglass hitting surface for a softer feel and touch
  • Graphene 360+ technology for enhanced flex and feel
  • Superb comfort, feel and manoeuvrability’
  • WEIGHT: 370 g / 13.1 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 465 cm² / 72 in²
  • BALANCE: 265 mm / 1.5 in HH
  • BEAM: 38 mm / 1.5 in

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