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Congratulations again to all! See the pictures of our fantastic winners...
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Jun 24, 2022

Congratulations again to all!

  • Caroline Thorogood winning The Troy Award 2
  • David Robson and Richard Heath Winning Division 4 2
  • Fay Collins and Dave McCarthy winning Member of the Year 2
  • Lucas Burgess and Sue Beaney winning Most improved players of the year 2
  • People enjoyed some great padel 2
  • People watched some great padel 2
  • Sarah Watson and Gail Walsh Winning Division 3 2
  • Sian Robson accepting the New Person of the Year 2022 2
  • Sian Robson winning the New Person of the Year 2022 2

The Spring League

  • Division 1 Winners – Kevin Champion and Marc Glass
  • Division 2 Winners – Neil Davis and David McCarthy
  • Division 3 Winners – Gail Walsh and Sarah Watson
  • Division 4 Winners – David Robson and Richard Heath
  • Division 5 Winners – Sharon Bewely and Sophie Markham

Best new member of the Year

Nominees – Dave Robson, Ami Whiskin, Hazel Webster and Sian Robson…

Winners: Sian and David Robson

Most improved Player of the year

Nominees – Lucas Burgess, Sam Wiley, Neil Davis Sue Beaney…

Winners: Sue Beaney and Lucas Burgess

The Troy Award

To the people who have had a tough and challenging year but who still creates such positivity at the club. For their continued smiles, for being strong, courageous and an inspiration to others.

Nominees – Tricia Parker, Caroline Thorogood, Rob Waller and Julia Hall…

Winner: Caroline Thorogood.

Club Member of the year 2022

Nominees – Sean Beaney, Wendy Brampton, Fay Collins, Paul Harris and Dave McCarthy

Winners: Fay Collins and Dave McCarthy

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