The First Ever Padel Courts Are Delivered In Plymouth!

The 4 x Padel courts have safely arrived at our next venue in Plymouth!
padel in plymouth

Sep 6, 2022

The 4 x Padel courts have safely arrived at our next venue in Plymouth!

It was an extremely smooth process taking these courts from Sweden to the UK and wouldn’t have been possible without some great help along the way from these guys…

PDL Padel United Sweden

Having such a large global company really helps and a huge thanks to Torbjorn and the guys in Sweden helping with the onloading process! This was part of 22 courts coming to the UK.

Eastern Crane Hire

Having used Eastern Crane hire for many jobs already, there professionalism and attention to detail is superb and it wouldn’t of been possible for the operation to run so smoothly without them, huge thanks to Chris and the team.

padel courts for plymouth begin the journey
PDL Padel United UK padel courts for Plymouth begin the journey…
padel courts for plymouth landed
PDL padel courts for Plymouth have landed

Jubo Padel

The biggest and best padel court company in the world and a HUGE partner of PDL Padel United, coordinating the entire onloading process was a huge job and as always, they performed perfectly. We look forward to their teams coming over September 19th to start the build!

Marjon University Plymouth

We are very proud of our new partner, and they were nothing but supportive throughout this process. Being a university they have many important things happening constantly so their accommodating attitude and support throughout the offloading process was amazing.

padel funding in uk
The fastest growing sport in the world!
We can’t wait to open Devons first major padel centre and the first university padel centre in the UK! Sign up here:
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