Waltham Abbey Padel Club Set to Open as Largest Padel Club in Essex

Get ready for the grand opening of Waltham Abbey Padel Club, featuring six premium outdoor padel courts, coaching partnerships, and a summer plan filled with exciting events for all members.
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May 12, 2023

Progress Report: Waltham Abbey Padel Club

Premium outdoor padel courts, coaching and fun events await members at Padel United UK Waltham Abbey.

Exciting news from Waltham Abbey Padel Club! We are thrilled to announce that we are about to open the largest Padel Club in Essex, Padel United UK Waltham Abbey! The club offers 6 premium outdoor padel courts, with a cafe and retail offering.

The framing and glass for the club’s 6 courts are up, and the turf is currently being laid. Along with the new courts, the club has been building strong partnerships with local businesses that are eager to get involved once the club is open.

To ensure the best experience for all members, PDL Padel United and Wimx Coaching will be working closely together at the club, offering high-quality sessions for all levels and ages. The club has already garnered significant interest from the local community, and many people are eager to learn more about Padel once the club is open.

In preparation for its opening, the club has mapped out a great summer plan for members, including training sessions, mix-ins, club tournaments, and fun events. The club is even partnering with Padel District to host some of its summer tournaments, providing members with an exceptional tournament experience.

We invite you to check out our MATCHi page in the browser to see our membership offers. We look forward to seeing you at the venue and sharing the joy of Padel with the community. Waltham Abbey Padel Club is making significant progress towards its opening and has already built strong relationships within the local community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this promising new Padel club!

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