Funding For Padel In The U.K.

We have funding available to expand padel tennis in the UK

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  • Land space.
  • An existing tennis/padel facility that requires investment.
  • A lease with specific leisure use.
  • Or anything that could house multiple padel court use.

We want to hear from you – contact us today!

‘’Do you have a potential site? Would you like to see a Padel Club in your local community? Are you a public land agent who is looking to regenerate a site into a thriving sport centre at very little cost to yourself?… please find the form below to fill out the details of a possible venue you have and let’s try and make it happen’’

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At Padel United we are looking to expand to ALL parts of the UK.

London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham & Bristol are our prime targets – but we invite all applications.

We are looking for potential premises, that could be landspace or an existing large building. We will explore all options whether that’s a smaller outdoor venue, an upgrade or addition to an existing sports club or centre or a municipal recreation ground.

What we can do

  • We lease the industrial logistic or sports club space and transform it into an amazing padel arena with a lounge area, dinner areas, gym, kids area, and, of course, world-class padel courts.
  • We build the courts in collaboration with a Spanish-based company with more than 40 years of experience within the padel industry.
  • We run the clubs and educate staff, padel coaches, and management
  • We raise awareness and create ”buzz” around padel in collaboration with sports profiles and other influencers.
  • We offer training programs, leagues, and other types of tournaments.

What we are ideally looking for?

  • A space of 2500-9500 sqm.
  • A minimum of 8 meters as height requirement.
  • Cities with +200 000 inhabitants is our main target.
  • As close to the city center as possible.
  • Deposits/security guarantees are not an issue. We have strong investors backing up our venture.

We will open our first major indoor venue at a location already agreed and more details will follow on this soon.

Padel United are a Swedish based company founded by Markus & Rikard Helqvist who have over 30 venues and 250 courts in the Nordics countries. They are one of the biggest padel actors in the world. Padel United have an excellent track record of building, operating and developing venues to the very highest of standards. Richard Hall Smith, launched padel in the UK in 2015 and has been building and operating padel clubs in the UK since then making Padel United UK, formally Go Padel, the longest serving operator in the UK.

We currently have 4 venues in – Maldon, Plymouth, Chelmsford and Bishops Stortford. Each centre is at the heart of its community. We work with over 5 local schools, NHS and teaching sectors and many other areas. We pride ourselves on our social inclusion policies and aim to deliver one message at all our venues, padel is for everyone! With the experience, we have gained over the last 5 years we have built up a base of over 1500 padel players, and boast the largest junior padel academy in the UK with an incredible over 150 under 16s’.

More centres are being built as we speak…


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